Semperit has exactly the colour you are looking for. We have 12 standard colours and a total of 25 in our range. One outstanding feature of Semperit is the handrails' resistance to fading. This means that the colours neither discolour not fade on exposure to sunlight. How you see the various colours will depend on your computer screen settings - do not make your choice of colour without inspecting a physical sample.

Colour sample Colour Colour code
Yellow HF-04
Beige HF-14
Brown HF-17
Light Grey HF-19
Black HF-22
Ever Green HF-25
Orange HF-34
Royal Blue HF-36
Blue Green HF-45
Dark Blue HF-46
Bordeaux HF-73
Sky Blue HF-76
Pink Rosa HF-79
Aqua Green HF-85
Charcoal HF-92
Asia Red HF-93


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