SEMPER-KGD is an loose sealing ring used in a connection for concrete pipes and reinforced concrete pipes according to DIN EN 1916 and DIN V 1201.  


SEMPER-KGD is made from a solid SBR rubber compound with a hardness of 45+/-5 IRHD and meets the requirements according to DIN EN681-1WC and DIN4060.  


The SEMPER-KGD is mounted on the finished pipe by placing the sealing ring to spigot end and place it next to the shoulder. 

To select the right size of gasket, for your pipe connection, the biggest gap between socket and spigot needs to be measured (biggest socket and smallest spigot).  

To fit the proper SEMPER-KDG to your pipe please have a look on the height hj in the table below. We recommend to use a proper lubricant to reduce the mounting forces.  


SEMPER-KGD               HJ23              on stock 

The length of the gasket can be made according to customer needs 

other sizes according to table below





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