Our Semperform rubber foil is a tried-and-tested product, held in high regard by our customers. It is used in a wide variety of composite constructions.
Semperform rubber foils are provided with special chemical pre-treatment, giving them a specific surface texture guaranteeing optimum adhesive properties. This is the point at which sandwich structures using conventional systems may well fail.

Decades of experience and success with quality produced in Austria

With this system Semperit is calling on its many years of experience in the high-tech world of the ski industry. Our special rubber mixture has proven its value in the complex sandwich systems predominating in this sector and has come to be an integral component of many constructions.

Our foils are produced in Austria and are now found as ski foils in the skis and snowboards of practically all of the popular brands, OEMs and in customised and top-end brands worldwide. Manufacturers looking for lightweight construction in the aviation and coachbuilding sectors also benefit from the advantages Semperit foil provides.


The product also offers a large number of constructional, commercial and technical advantages in the widest range of applications, including: 

  • making it possible create a bond between incompatible materials
  • adhesion even under great dynamic stresses
  • equalising temperature-related expansion and differing stress-strain coefficients
  • suitability for use over a wide temperature range
  • vibration damping up to the point of component decoupling
  • flexible tolerance equalisation, backing material and filler material
  • application under the surface of the component, preventing extrusion on impact

One of the factors contributing most to the product's success is its low price in comparison with alternative sandwich materials and adhesion systems.

Example of ski application: on the steel edge, the binding plate and at both tip and tail


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