With its finely-graduated material thicknesses and great flexibility in terms of width, our product portfolio offers the right rubber foil for almost every application.

Material widths from 0.13 mm up to 2.1 mm, and any width requested by the customer between 6 mm and 1220 mm are all available. We also offer foils of varying hardness and damping grades:

  •  Standard:       A1468, nominal value 70 Shore A
  •  White:             A1469, nominal value 60 Shore A

Each article is also available in standard black as well as a lwhite variant if required for the visual aspect of constructions. The foil is delivered ready-packed in rolls, ideal for serial production and simple processing.

We also supply special products such as the Antitorsion foil developed in-house at Semperit.

Antitorsion (perforated foil)

When it comes to bonding large areas, there are often problems with trapped air pockets, or there is a risk that a 'separating layer' might permit excessive torsion. Semperform Antitorsion is a specially perforated foil produced from our tried-and-tested Semperform rubber foil.
This specified perforation pattern allows columns of adhesive to be created through the foil, thus restricting the scope for torsion and at the same time increasing the rigidity of the construction as a whole.

Another positive effect is that undesirable air bubbles can be dispersed in the course of the bonding process, simplifying and stabilising the process when bonding large areas.


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