Trains and subways weighing many tons are able to travel safely, swiftly and quietly to their destinations thanks to Semperit and its range of railway track construction products.

Dowels and angular plates made of highly stressable plastic ensure rail stability while rubber or plastic pads act as damping or isolation elements. Sleeper shoes warrants that underground trains glide along in virtual silence.

Crucial to our success in this area has been the interplay between our international partnerships with other global companies and our local, on-site co-operation with railway administrations and component manufacturer. These factors, coupled with a large number of company patents, have enabled us to successfully build up our position in this market over the past several years.

Talking of partnership, it is our close co-operation with customers and partners in their specific areas of expertise which has allowed us time and again to draw on inter-company advances to provide improved solutions tailored even more precisely to the application involved.


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