SEMPERFORM- Your partner for level crossings

Wherever trains run, level crossings have to be built. There is no way around it. To make this unavoidable job as simple as possible, operators have been utilising the "Bodan" systems world-wide for decades now.

And from the very outset, Semperit has been the chief supplier of rubber profiles for the elastic bedding used in this crossing systems.

We take all the requirements of the crossing system into account to provide our customers with optimised solutions.

Your Partner for Profiles

Given the high quality of Semperit's products and our competence in terms of providing tailored solutions, Semperit is a globally appreciated expert in this field.

Semperit's extruded profiles find application in a variety of fields, from track beds for metro parts to elastic resilient beddings for grooved rails.


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Head of Sales
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Marius Steiner
Area Sales Manager
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Thierry Devismes
Area Sales Manager France
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