The following section presents a brief summary of the main technical applications and advantages of our sandwich system foil. Please feel free to approach our designated contact at any time with any questions for further information

Solving adhesion problems

With its specially developed surface texture and specified properties, our customers often find our rubber foil to be the required solution to their problems and their guarantee of top quality and secure adhesive bonding. Further details under adhesive properties.

These properties guarantee an elastic and vibration-damping bond between the widest variety of materials and surfaces, even under high dynamic stress, something many conventional systems simply cannot achieve.

Equalisation of temperature-related expansion and differing stress-strain coefficients

The visco-elastic properties of the special mixture developed by Semperit allow for the equalisation of various conditions in terms of static and dynamic movement (e.g. two materials with different coefficients of expansion) in the surrounding media, within a relatively rigid resin system.

Possible applications over a wide temperature range

The properties of the rubber foil remain close to constant over a wide temperature range down to -40°C. At high temperatures there is no fear of melting, as is the case with thermoplastic materials. This is a field in which Semperform rubber foils can point to years of experience in the ski industry.

Tolerance equalisation and more even transmission of force

Where components with different properties, dimensions and tolerances are bonded together we often find spaces between them where they meet. These prevent the even transmission of forces within the sandwich structure. Semperit rubber foil can balance out these intermediate spaces, thus transmitting forces evenly within the component.

Vibration damping up to the point of decoupling

Our customers have materials of various degrees of hardness available to them. The specified damping effect is often applied in the construction in order to specifically improve the dynamic behaviour of components.
Thicker variants are even suitable for achieving vibration decoupling.


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The details presented here, including figures, calculations, test values and data - as used by ourselves as the basis for providing our customers with the best possible advice - represent the current state-of-the-art. They are the result of many years or experimentation and trialling. As the conditions of its application have an effect on the use of the product, these details can only represent rough guidelines. In the individual case, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to examine application conditions with a view to establishing whether the specified quality criteria for our products are sufficient for the intended purpose. Inappropriate treatment, excessive stressing or the application of unacceptable media can have an adverse effect on product function. Our expert staff are available and happy to deal with your questions at any time.
Texts, illustrations, etc. remain the property of Semperit Technische Produkte Gesellschaft m.b.H. Illustrations are presented simply in the form of schematic diagrams. We accept no responsibility for errors or printing mistakes and reserve the right to apply changes at any time.



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